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Packaging as a marketing tool

Packaging and labelling go hand in hand. Packaging is a vital tool in the overall marketing mix. Too often forgotten or ignored by companies, packaging is the initial “handshake” with consumers, offering them the first impression of your products. The main functions of packaging and to protect and promote various items.

Corrugated packaging is known as a cost effective packaging option that protects items during transport and storage. The types of items that can be placed inside a box varies from automotive parts, glassware, books, fresh and frozen food, drinks and the list can go on and on. There is literally a box for everything.

If you are looking for box suppliers which deliver in mainland UK, then look no further. CBS Packaging manufacture high quality cardboard boxes and retail packaging solutions for a wide range of industry sectors.

The Role of Labels in Packaging

Labels are an important component in packaging. They don’t just deliver a brand identity or a sales┬ámessage on the shelf; they convey important information containing use of product and other essential notes that a customer should be aware of.

To complement the power of cost effective packaging, we recommend labels as the perfect addition for your products. A few of the advantages that labels offer are:

  • offer important information about products
  • educates or alerts the consumer
  • promotes brand identity
  • cost effective option to printing
  • improves appearance of the packaging
  • improves product identification

With 30 years of experience in manufacturing, Secura Labels offer adhesives labels for all sectors including logistics, food, pharmaceutical, hospital trusts, security, packaging and automotive. The experts at Secura Labels will talk you through the entire process of label creation, offering the not just great label solutions, but exceptional customer service. Why not get a quote on your labels now?

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