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New 2018 Product Lines

Introducing New 2018 Product Lines

We here at CBS have some new exciting product lines that are now available for 2018.  Build your brand with our new double sided printed corrugated boxes and new peel and seal corrugated packaging.

4 colour print on card box

Introducing New Technology to the Business!

How does your packaging look inside? Our new machine here at CBS Packaging will allow us to let customers promote their product and brand in a whole different way. Everyone prints on the outside of their packaging but rarely is a package designed on the inside.  Well now this is possible at CBS Packaging.  In other words, we are trying to bring the “wow” factor out for when customers open there packages! Some online retailers and customers prefer to hide or not

How To Reduce Transport Costs

Transport accounts for a quarter of UK greenhouse gas emissions. Looking for new innovative ways of transportation and encouraging companies to invest in lower carbon vehicles are detrimental for the well-being of the environment and UK economy. Based on PWC’s Logistics Report 2014, the UK is the world’s leading e-commerce country, with growth now coming from increased frequency of online purchasing. We predict online sales will be 25 per cent of non-food and 10 per cent of food in the UK

corrugated cases

Manufacturing Corrugated Cases

Corrugated Cases CBS Packaging have been manufacturing boxes and corrugated cases for over 20 years, distributing high quality products throughout all UK mainland. The main industry sectors that we have worked with are food, drink, pharmaceutical, engineering, automotive and retail. We are able to offer practically any size of corrugated case and print to up to 4 colours. These products are perfect for shelf ready packaging in shops and retail environments. Our corrugated cases are designed to offer protection for your products

corrugated packaging benefits

5 Corrugated Packaging Benefits

Corrugated packaging is known to meet the needs of every industry sector and business. Inexpensive, lightweight, but robust and strong, corrugated is the preferred form of packaging for heavy industrial components, take-away meals or books and apparel. Since the creation of the first corrugated paper in 1856, there have been many developments of the corrugated paper that made it stronger. When the raw material is converted into paper on a corrugator, different grades can be applied to make up the box.

Cardboard Packaging Cost vs Quality

Cardboard Packaging Cost vs Quality Finding the best supplier for your packaging needs without compromising on quality Cardboard packaging costs vary from one product to another. Some types of packaging are more expensive than others, it all depends on the type of material used and the design and printing involved in the production process. If your business uses corrugated and cardboard packaging, then you opted for an alternative cost effective form of packaging. Still, every manufacturer has its unique set of equipment,

CBS acquire new truck fleet

CBS acquire new truck fleet

CBS Packaging acquire new truck fleet to increase their operational efficiency Founded in 1996, the West Bromwich manufacturer has invested in transport services since the beginning and has reinvented as a company in the past twenty years. In April 2016 as part of their growth strategy, CBS Packaging took delivery of two Mercedes-Benz tractor units and three trailers. Staying ahead of the competition is key in a demanding sector like corrugated packaging. So getting the orders to the customer on time,

Employers and Reservists at CBS celebrate Reserves Day

One of our most valuable team members replaced her civilian work clothes in favour of military uniform. Reserves Day is a day for UK’s Reservists to show their commitment, but it is also an opportunity for employers across the country to recognise their Reservist employees. CBS Packaging supported and invited Louisa to wear her military uniform at work. Reservists like Louisa who is the Estimation Manager at CBS Packaging, give up their spare time to serve in the Reserve Forces. By balancing

20 Years in the Corrugated Packaging Industry

Outstanding Contribution to the Corrugated Packaging Industry Jitha Singh, CEO of UK based CBS Packaging explains how his father’s vision and ethics have been the catalyst for the family’s business success. CBS Packaging was led from humble beginnings to become one of the largest independent corrugated packaging companies in the UK. The company is located in Sandwell, West Midlands and it has over 80 employees working on site bringing the company a turnover of £27 million in the last financial year. CBS